Caitlin R. Weiner

I consume coffee like it's my job. I write because it is my job.

About Me

It's a daunting task to create an accurate description of a whole human in an "about me" section. But I'll take a crack at illustrating a microcosmic glimpse into what I do: from Homer to home improvement, I pride myself on my ability to write and edit intuitively and accessibly about anything. I firmly believe that it takes zeal and passion for a project in order to develop your best work. My specialties include SEO writing/marketing strategy, original web content creation (blogs, landing pages, articles, infographics, etc.), and freelance reading/copyediting. When I'm not immersed in meta data and blog posts, I'm consuming arguably unhealthy amounts of coffee. Let's chat.

Get in Touch

Whether you're interested in working with me, or just have updates on great places to get coffee, I'm always ready to talk. Shoot me a message.